I am totally impressed with the construction of this website.

Cancer, Brain Diseases / Disorder & Gut Bacteria Connections to Glyphosate Or Roundup / Toxic Herbicide:
Glyphosate is a toxic herbicide (commonly known by the trade name Roundup) that is used on many US crops, from wheat to soybeans to corn.

FACT: Glyphosate is the most heavily used chemical herbicide in human agricultural history so how do we avoid consuming this toxin?

Harmful poisons that make it from the fields to our tables are likely to be impacting our long-term health and well-being.

While altering eating habits may seem challenging at first, the insights and results presented in this film are likely to fuel your motivation.

Hear inspiring stories from people who have transformed their health after making simple changes to their diet, and learn from esteemed physicians, scientists, and experts who explain the science, and the political history of GMOs, pesticides and herbicides.
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I am totally impressed with the construction of this website.

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